Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing

Custom Manufactured

Transportation Tarps


Repairs and Manufacturing of All Types of Truck Tarps


We can repair, maintain or manufacture a new tarp and install a new roller system for any kind of load. From heavy duty pvc and mesh, lumber tarps and more. All tarps are made in our local 20,000 square foot facility by hand for that custom fit.

Side Roll Tarp Michel's Super B

Side Roll Tarp Systems

We offer service, repair and replacement and installation of side roll tarp systems. We are one of the original Michel's Dealers in Saskatchewan and stock all common parts for your repairs.

Mesh and PVC Roll Tarps

We can repair or manufacture a replacement mesh or pvc tarp for your dump truck, belly dump, dump trailer or side dump. Available in many colors and made on site. 

Flatbed Load Tarps

We can custom make load tarps for whatever you are hauling these days. From lumber, to equipment. Contact us with your requirements and we would be happy to help.

Winter Fronts/Bug Screens

We can custom make winter fronts and bug screens for your pick up or semi. Options are endless. All custom made on site specific to your needs.


We have most accessories in stock at the best prices around. Quantity discounts are available. Everything form straps, bungee balls and more.

Custom Fitting Tarps

If you have any other needs, we can custom make it for you. Contact us today to discuss your options. 

We set the standards others try to live up to.

For inquiries and questions, please call us now.

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