Canora Weaving & Tarp Manufacturing

Manufacturing Tarps for Most Agricultural Applications

We can repair, maintain or manufacture a new tarp and roller system for any kind of load. From heavy duty PVC and mesh, lumber tarps and more. All tarps are made in our local 20,000 square foot facility by hand for that custom fit. Locally made, and locally proud!

Side Roll Tarps

We offer service, repair and installation of side roll tarp systems. We are one of the original Michel's Dealers in Saskatchewan and stock all common parts for your repairs.

Gate and Chute Openers

We supply, maintain and install a variety of remote and electric gate and chute openers for super b's and grain trucks. Making unloading a 1 man job and much safer.

Engine/Motor Covers

We can fabricate a cover for any engine, generator or welder. Whether for your auger, water pump, and more. Light, heavy and Extra Heavy Duty.

Crop Storage Covers

We supply just about any size of bale tarp, grain storage and silage covers. Contact us with the sizes you are interested in and we will be happy to help.

Multi-Purpose Tarps

We supply and manufacture common sized and custom sizes of multi purpose tarps. Available in contractor grade, light duty and heavy duty. Any size, and any shape.

Grain Cart Covers

We can repair or make and replace your grain cart covers. Custom fit in 4 different colors for any make, model and size. Contact us for more details.